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Are You Struggling To Obtain The Response You Want From Customers, Crew, And Investors When You Try To Communicate Your Brand Messages? We Are True Artists Who Create Bold, Interesting Animated Videos That Will Define Your Business In A Competitive Market. Hire The Best Animators In Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu To Make Entertaining & Fascinating Moving Pictures For Businesses, Events & Websites.

A dynamic and captivating way to deliver your message

Video Animation is an innovative and interesting method of reaching a large audience. It is amiable, open, and simple to make and can easily blend in with the visual identity and brand personality.

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Commercials, social media advertisements, and other marketing initiatives can all employ animated videos to advertise products and services.

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Animated videos explain complex ideas in a fun and understandable way. They are suitable for training sessions, classroom instruction, and online learning.

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Animated videos demonstrate a process or method, explain how a product or service works, or both.

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Explainer Videos

According to internet statistics, 70% of customers will visit a store.

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Animation videos increase brand exposure and recognition. It can be incorporated into business presentations, websites, and social media marketing initiatives.

How Can You Make Use Of Animation Videos?

Videos with animation are useful in a variety of ways, such as

Some Quick Stats

A Facebook video draws 135% more organic traffic than a Facebook photo.

Social media postings with videos get 48% more views.

An ideal whiteboard animation can outperform Google AdWords regarding ROI by 68%.

A video on a website increases SEO and ranking, giving a company a 53x higher chance of showing up on Google's first page.

54% of customers want to see videos from the brands they favour.

Face-to-face training had retention rates as low as 8–10%, but eLearning with animations had 25–60% retention rates.

Why Choose Us For Animation Movie Production Services?

An appropriate video can make all the difference when helping people understand your brand's and products' worth and value. So, why not choose the finest, put your trust in Biz Brand Booster’s Animation Studio, and watch as your brand climbs to new heights.


Our team is passionate about producing dynamic, intelligent, engaging and mobile-responsive animation movies compatible with websites, social media, TV, and mobile devices.

Vast Experience

Our producers, directors, designers, editors, and animators are industry leaders in their disciplines and have a wealth of experience presenting challenging concepts in fresh, compelling ways.


We take pleasure in being a fully client-driven animated video business. While we contribute ideas, we focus on your requirements and ensure satisfactory results.

Technology And Tools

As the top video-making company in India, we offer highly tailored animation videos with the help of our expert animation specialists, advanced software tools, and technology.

Superior Services

We dedicate ourselves to providing top-notch animation video creation services and work hard to ensure we constantly put our best foot forward.


We help you keep expenses down while effectively delivering your message with our services at very reasonable prices.

Outstanding Quality

Delivering powerful messages in various styles is a speciality of our full-service animation video production firm. We take great pride in our adherence to the greatest technical and aesthetic standards, adaptability, and commitment to excellence.

Quick Delivery

Our video production services always strive to deliver the projects on time. We have a set methodology that guarantees speedy planning and execution so that you receive your video as quickly as possible.

Animation Video Marketing Services

When a website has video, the visitor stays there 88% longer

We specialize in video promotion and marketing as the leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our team establishes credibility by sharing and marketing it across all significant social media platforms to bring quality leads to your website. Our video marketing services allow boosting customer acquisition, retention, conversions, profitability, and, eventually overall growth of your business. We plan an end-to-end video strategy, saving you time by allocating specific resources to each of your video projects. Targeting relevant audience demography, strategizing, and budget planning are the tactics we use to promote videos for viewer engagement. Our digital marketing team includes the right content, such as explainers, testimonials, live videos, industrial videos, promo videos, documentary videos, and viral videos, to target the right audience. We manage video advertising across several platforms, including YouTube (the largest video search engine), and offer video marketing services in India. Video marketing increases your brand visibility, traffic, leads, sales, and ROI.

Take a look at our animation services below

Whiteboard videos

Our whiteboard movie style features black and white images on a white background, occasionally with accent colours. The animation can demonstrate how adding hand-drawn graphics to the image makes the movie appealing and entertaining.

Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics videos have a vibrant, dynamic style that typically uses icons and graphics to deliver your message. Motion graphics animation is versatile enough to convey any kind of message or to illustrate a concept, product, service, or design.

2D Cartoon animation videos

Animate 2D cartoons to give your brand its personality and character. It helps give life to your concepts. As the best 2D animation video maker, we incorporate colours and graphics to have a modern appeal. Our animation studio Read More

Kinetic typography animation videos

It reinforces the presentation's core idea. The vibrant graphics and soundtrack we incorporate in these videos make them entertaining. Kinetic animation movies allow you to communicate your message to the audience more effectively.

Animated explainer movies

Our animated explainer videos are great for assisting your audience in understanding a new product or service or for clearly presenting data and trends.

Animated infographics movie

An animated infographic is the best option to explain your impact, provide outstanding outcomes, or walk people Read More

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Make compelling animated videos to connect with your viewers more deeply and emotionally.

Biz Brand Booster Animation video media company offers the finest Animation Video Creation Services in India at affordable costs. We are your one-stop-shop solution for animation and video marketing needs. Our best team of animation video creators and unmatched expertise deliver innovative and engaging explainer videos. Our polished animation movies can impact the target audience and influence their decisions to trust your brand or business. Our animation solutions range from motion graphics to whiteboard animation. We have teams of directors, digital artists, illustrators, and producers who are experts in the conception of ideas and character design for animated films, VFX/live-action, comprehensive post-production, and final delivery.


Our Animation movie production process

Biz Brand Booster is an animation studio that collaborates with non-profit organizations, brands, and corporates. Animation video creation has its processes. Here is a quick overview of the animation process:

Creative concepts

We take the time to fully comprehend the brief, the goals of our clients, the target audience, and other pertinent information. Next, we develop creative solutions that adhere to the guideline and present them for evaluation and approval.

Create great idea

We create some clever ideas to maximize the impact of your video project.

Script designing

Scripting is vital for the development of animation. Every film we produce starts with a script, giving our customers a wonderful chance to evaluate their messaging and ensure the finished product meets all their expectations.

Storyboard & Styling

Animation can take a lot of time; therefore, it's helpful to create a complete storyboard outlining how the video will flow or a series of style frames outlining the movie's overall artwork, colour scheme, and general aesthetic.

Voice Over

We will record the voice-over after the animation and the writing are refined. We arrange for the selected voice artist to record the script.


We produce the first iteration of the animation, along with music and sound effects, using a demo of the voice-over and the style frames. Following that, we revise and amend it, including any script modifications.

Benifits of Animation videos


Live action video is difficult to script and plan in the same way that animations can. It is perfect for introducing new concepts in explainer videos or delivering impact.

Animation appeals to people of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, and you can ensure diversity and audience representation by producing a variety of characters and settings.

Animation films can incorporate colour schemes, logos, typefaces, and the tone of voice of your website or brand to make it effortlessly blend into your channels.

Social media is popular for its quick, entertaining, and shareable content, which animation perfectly encapsulates. Animation video allows you to create movies compatible with all social media platforms.

The tangible digital nature of animation makes it easier for user experiences to be consistent across a website. Also, animated video helps your website's SEO by letting search engines know it has much helpful information.


Frequently Asked Questions

A professional animation studio will have all the tools and know-how necessary to guarantee quick and high-quality production. They can offer all your required services, including casting voice actors, music, and screenplay.

From animated explainer videos and infographics to sophisticated 2D cartoon animation, kinetic typography animation, motion graphics and whiteboard animations, we produce all kinds of animations. We partner with businesses, software developers, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Animations are simple to create and produce tangible results. They are easily readily convertible into other languages, adaptable to fit a brand's identity, and customizable for various platforms.

Depending on how long and intricate it is, producing a high-quality animation video takes 4-6 weeks. But we can typically complete it swiftly with our expedited service if you need it.

As you might expect, the kind, style, complexity, and duration of the film all affect the price an animation would cost.

Confused about the type of video you require? Be at ease; we are here to assist. We can walk you through the many video genres and help you choose the one right.

Creating videos with visuals and a moving narrative representing a business's products or services is basically what animated video-making is all about. It's the most innovative technology to keep your audience interested while still being entertaining to watch.

Sure, we can create any type of animation you desire. If you've seen it, we can create it!

You will have the option to select professional voice actors in any accent or language.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to produce interesting, high-quality video content that effectively conveys our clients' messages. Our team of skilled experts, consisting of writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors, is committed to delivering work that meets our client's expectations. We also provide a customized video production method, collaborating directly with our clients to comprehend their unique requirements and objectives.

Our staff has expertise in various industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, education, and more. We collaborate closely with our clients to produce videos that effectively express their message to their target audience since we know that every business has specific needs and obstacles.

Sure, as a part of our video production services, we provide scriptwriting services. Our team of talented writers can assist you in creating a script that effectively conveys your message and holds your audience's attention.

Yeah, we also provide video marketing services. Making a fantastic film is only the beginning of a successful video marketing campaign. We can assist you in creating a comprehensive video marketing plan that considers distribution, advertising, and analytics.

As the leading digital marketing and SEO agency in India, we know how crucial video SEO is for getting your intended audience to see your video. We can assist you with optimizing the titles, descriptions, and keywords in your video for search engines. Additionally, we can assist you in creating a thorough video SEO strategy incorporating backlinking, social media advertising, and more.

A whiteboard animation movie is an explainer video used to market a product or outline a process. Videos using whiteboard animation are highly effective at explaining difficult concepts. You can leverage whiteboard animation to boost audience retention and attention.

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